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A Higher Standard for Air Duct Cleaning. We clean HVAC Coils. HVAC ducts, dryer vents, kitchen stove exhaust ducts, bathroom vents and any other ductwork in your home or business. We Use All the Traditional Best Practices + Dry Fogging.

Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial Customers

We service commercial customers from our Orlando, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach locations and 100+ partner locations nationwide.

HVAC Coil & Duct Cleaning

Few places in your home have a higher impact on the quality of the air occupants breathe than the surfaces inside your HVAC trunk and branch lines.  But few surfaces are harder for businesses and homeowners to reach and disinfect.

 Let us perform one of the lowest cost services for improving indoor air quality. If the dust build-up is enough, we can also improve the energy efficiency of your blower and compressor.

Dry Fog Patented Two-Step Process

We are the only residential and commercial HVAC Cleaning company in Seminole County, Orange County, or Lake County that offers the patented Pure Maintenance dry fog process. For customers that suffer from allergies or get sick more often than they should, this means faster and longer-lasting relief from the dust, dander, pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, and other air contaminants that make you sick or wear down your immune system

Army Corps Engineers Study / pt

Air Quality Tests

If you are experiencing any health issues related to the air you breathe and want to know what is in your air before and after the duct cleaning, we can perform tests that will tell the levels of mold, bacteria, mildew, dander, pollen, product from dust mites and other contaminants in your air.

Air Register Cleaning

a floor hvac vent register pulled out for cleaning in an orlando fl home
HVAC Register & Vent Cover Cleaning is included with HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Service

Eliminate Air Contaminants

image/svg+xmlVirusesBacteriaMoldsMildewsOdorsPollenDanderDust MitesDustTobacco

A Higher Level of
HVAC Cleaning

Breathe Pure. Again.

  • Everything the Competition Does
HVAC Cleaning Best Practices applied on every property.
  • Plus Dry Fog Sterilization and Antimicrobial
We don't just "sweep" your HVAC, but sterilize, then apply an antimicrobial coating to the entire interior of the system You get 90+ Days of ongoing mold, bacteria, and virus prevention after we leave

Why Pure Maintenance is Your Best Choice

A Lower-Cost Way to
Improve Occupant Health

We specialize in cleansing entire buildings. If you can't afford our total building disinfection.  Depending on the size of your HVAC system, you can spend as little as a few $100 for residential systems to a few $1000 for commercial systems. You can create an immediate impact on undesirable odors, and reduce allergies, asthma, headaches, respiratory infections, sneezing, and sinus congestion for occupants.

Antimicrobial Dry Fog

Our patented dry fog process caught the attention of The Army Corps of Engineers. They conducted a 6-month long test to see it's impact, and found that our dry fog prevents future mold growth and continuously creates cleaner air up to 90 days after treatement.

Environmental Probiotics

Good bacteria fogged into the HVAC system for commercial and healthcare applications is proven to reduce harmful bacteria, mold, viruses, dander, pollen and dust mite fecal matter 24/7/365. Prevent poor air quality, through our continuous and automatic NG-5000 HVAC units.
NG 5000 whole home probiotics machine - Helps contain mold and manage occupant allergies in buildings (product photo)

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Reviews from our Jacksonville Beach, Orlando, Palm Beach, Jacksonville and Daytona Beach locations.

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Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation – Orlando offers healthy and environmentally conscious homeowners and businesses the most effective mold remediation solutions available on the market at a competitive price.

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