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Free Mold Inspection + Mold Removal

Results In a Day Not Weeks

HVAC Duct Fogging Included

Healthier for Pets & Occupants

Sterilize Soft + Hard Surfaces

Non-Toxic FDA Approved

Mold Testing for Insurance Claims

Kill Mold, Viruses & Bacteria

100% Guaranteed 

for Businesses & Homeowners

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Learn why our two-step, non-toxic dry fog is far superior to any of the alternatives. Contact us for a free estimate + inspection.

What is Dry Fog

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    For Years We Did Mold Remediation the Old Way.  Never Again.

    With Our Patented Dry Fog Our Customers Are Happier... We Are More Effective and Complete the Job in Less Time.


    Without Charging More.

    90% Graphic

    90% Success Rate in Getting Insurance to Pay

    There is a cost for the testing that insurance companies require. But the payout makes it well worth it.

    90+ Days of Continous Cleaning & Prevention

    After we leave.


    How Dry Fog Works

    In just a few hours, we dry fog the volume of you property twice...

    Whole HoWhole Home Cleanse in College Park, Florida; Mold Removal in Furniture; Mold Specialist checking dry fogger headsme Cleanse in Orlando Florida; Mold Removal in Furniture; Mold Specialist checking dry fogger heads
    wisetack mold removal financing
    1. Pure Maintenance inspects your location
    2. We create a mold removal plan
    3. Then email an estimate ( which will contain a link to apply for Wisetack financing)
    4. Once the Wisetack application is complete and approved, Pure Maintenance can execute the mold removal plan

    Application takes 5 minutes and you see your options within seconds. No late fees, no prepayment fees, & no origination fees. Checking eligibility does not impact your credit score

    wisetack mold remediation financing

    • First with a registered EPA hospital-grade sterilant.
    • Then with a registered FDA anti-microbial that is so safe it is approved for contact with food-prep surfaces, no rinse required afterward.

    Each time the fog pushes its way into the corners, nooks, and crannies of your home; wherever there is air flow. We encourage people to take off mattress covers, open up drawers, and open closets. The result in a full cleanse of the entire volume of air, all surfaces of your home / business and all its contents.

    Any musty odor or other odors are entirely removed, including the smell of years of cigarette smoke.  All you are left with is a fresh slightly vinegar-like smell that disspiates within a day or two.

    --- Demolition and reconstruction may be necessary

    --- However, most properties can be reoccupied within hours, instead of weeks.

    --- Financing Available