Mold Testing & Inspections for Renters

Are you experiencing health issues, or are you worried about the potential of health issues caused by indoor mold growth?

Professional testing is a critical first step for a renter who can't afford the setback in health or the cost of remediation. The data obtained from testing can encourage your landlord to either take action or break your lease for health reasons.

Whoever pays for the testing owns the report.

Mold Testing for Rentals

Professional Mold Tests, Inpsection & Estimate $399

Our renters package includes...

  • Property inspection & moisture detection
  • An estimate for any recommended mold remediation.
  • A Remediation plan
  • Two Mold Tests - one indoor and one outdoor to serve as a benchmark
  • Lab Fees
  • Digital copy of certified professional lab results
  • A phone consultation to go over the lab results

Get your landlord to take action.