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A More Effective Solution to Removing Mold

Once in a while, there comes along a rare product or process that is simultaneously higher quality and lower cost. The dry fog approach used by Pure Maintenance Mold Removal is one of those rare situations. With our entrance to Florida, residents in Orange County and in neighboring counties and cities such as Orlando and Oviedo to the west, Doctor Phillips, Florida to the south and Altamonte Springs up north and all residents in between now for the first time in 2019 have this revolutionary approach to mold remediation available to them. Sometimes at half the cost of traditional mold remediation methods.

 The first Pure Maintenance location was founded in Utah in 2007. Since then its owners have spread its technology by selling licenses around the country; now covering nearly every state, with more than 10,000 satisfied customers.  Homeowners have found a solution that finally fits their budget.  Corporations are able to tout better workplace air quality, and public schools and prisons and other government buildings have created healthier environments for their residents and workers.

 The EPA and the FDA have both approved the Pure Maintenance approach for all 50 states.  We are certified mold inspectors and members of the National Association of Mold Remediators.

 Do you live in Seminole County?  Or have a business in Orange County o?  Give us a call, or schedule an appointment directly on our calendar. Wherever you live, we have a network of Pure Maintenance professionals that can service you.

Our Mission

Make peoples lives better by making healthy environments for them to live and work.

Our Vision

To distinguish Pure Maintenance as Florida’s Most trusted provider of mold remediation and other innovative indoor health solutions.
“Pure maintenance is the real deal. I was in horror when I found black mold growing in our air vents as I have a child with asthma and we had all been feeling sick for a while. Pure maintenance came in and fogged our home, and they decimated the mold. There was an immediate difference in air quality when I walked into my home after they treated it, it was pretty amazing. Grateful to have a healthy family now and a safe home. Thanks guys"
Kimberlynne R.

Cities in The Greater Orlando, FL Area that We Service

Altamonte Springs

College Park


Winter Park



Lake Mary Alaqua Lakes


Wekiwa Springs


South Apopka


Forest City

Paradise Heights








Union Park

Azalea Park

Sky Lake

Oak Ridge


Doctor Phillips


Pine Hills

Gotha Tilderville



Your Best Solution for
Mold Restoration

You are guaranteed to pay less per square foot than you would anywhere else while getting better results than anywhere else.
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Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation – Orlando offers healthy and environmentally conscious homeowners and businesses the most effective mold remediation solutions available on the market at a competitive price.

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