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Depending on your situation, we take an air sample at the area deemed to be most affected by mold, then mail the sample to a third-party lab. Once complete we review the results and discuss the best course of action based on the information. The other option is for us to mail the air quality test kit to your home or business, with the instructions, so that you can perform the air test for mold on your own, and send it into the third-party lab.

In most instances, it is easy to see that it is black mold or another mold growing on your walls, ceiling, or other location. You may also be suffering from a sinus infection or have asthma that has worsened considerably or be experiencing some other mold-related symptoms. In most cases, a mold test or air quality test is unnecessary. Unless you want to have the paperwork proving a certain mold concentration and lab-verified type of mold. The test cost is the same whether we come out, or send it to you via the mail.

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    Dry fog mold removal for a home typically takes about 4 hrs.  In 90% of the cases, it is under 8 hours. For large jobs, it can take several days or longer. This is mostly dependent on additional work that is required. The time-frame in which we will kill mold for an entire home is about one-tenth of the time of the national average:  4 hours instead of 5 days.

    Pure Maintenance's solution gets rid of mold safely using a natural solution whose byproducts are harmless to the environment, pets, and people. It is FDA approved for food-prep surfaces allowing for kitchens to be treated safely as well.  The process won't make a mess that is potentially a health hazard.  The dry fog fills the volume of a home or business, eliminating the spread of mold that comes from demolition.

    Our two-part solutions kill black mold, and all other types of mold, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, then denature them. This eliminates dead mold from having any adverse health effects.

    The dry fog approach is extremely effective. Depending on the scenario, as much or more than 1000 times the surface area is treated with Pure Maintenance's method vs other methods. This matters, as a primary driver of efficacy, is whether the solution successfully reaches all surfaces where mold spores have traveled and grown.

    Depending on the job, the cost savings can be substantial. Some jobs can even be "Demolition-Free," which means money back in your pocket. Belonging and installations such as furniture upholstery, carpet, and attic insulation that would typically need to be thrown away can, in many cases, can be kept. There is big savings when you eliminate labor, and the need for reconstruction.


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    Nationwide Pure Maintenance has 20,000 satisfied customers and counting.  As a part of our service, we test after we complete the job, to verify the air quality in your home or place of business meets our high standard.  So far we have delivered that high standard to every client.  We will do the same for you.