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Air Quality Tests cost $199, which is waived if mold removal services are needed.  The test is an air sample from the area determined to be the most effected by mold, which is then mailed to a third-party lab. Several days later we review the results with you and discuss whether any action is necessary. If so, we will discuss what the most cost efficient and convenient option is for your situation. There is an alternative, for the same cost, where we can mail the air quality test kit to your home or business, with the instructions, so that you can take the air test and/or mold test if on your own, and then send it directly to the third-party lab yourself.

When you can clearly see that black mold or another type of mold is growing mold growing on your walls, ceiling or other location, no testing is necessary. Unless you want the lab paperwork showing the type and concentration of mold.

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    Dry fog mold removal for a home in College Park that is about 2,000 sq ft, will typically take about 4 hrs.  It depends on the extent of mold growth and related damage. On rare occasions, where there is extreme water damage, and restoration is unavoidable, a job can take days, or even longer for full. This mostly depends on whether additional work is required. In most cases, however, we can kill mold in an entire home in one-tenth the time it would take a company using only traditional forms of remediation.

    Pure Maintenance's solution gets rid of mold safely using a natural solution whose byproducts are harmless to the environment, pets, and people. It is FDA approved for food-prep surfaces allowing for kitchens to be treated without any concern, as the byproducts, in the end, are all naturally occurring.

    The dry fog process doesn't make a mess that is potentially a health hazard.  By silently filling the volume of a home, you avoid any possibility of spreading mold spores like you would with demolition. The dry fog kills black mold, and all other types of mold, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, then denatures them, removing any adverse health effects that might occur with dead mold.

    Depending on the scenario, as much or more than 1000 times the surface area is treated with Pure Maintenance's method vs other methods. This is important because one of the primary drivers of efficacy is whether the solution successfully reaches all surfaces where mold spores have traveled.

    Depending on your unique situation, we may be able to complete remediation without demolition.  This can result in significant cost savings by eliminating unnecessary extra labor and reconstruction. Household rugs, insulation, and belongings that might typically need to be thrown away can, in many cases be completely disinfected from mold and saved.

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    Nationwide Pure Maintenance has more than 20,000 satisfied customers. We guarantee results by testing the air after every job.  So far we have delivered verified and significant improvement to every single client.  We guarantee we will do the same for you.