Mold Remediation

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The most crucial aspect of any project we undertake is remediation, which entails eliminating mold and its toxins. We are confident that no one else can eliminate the harmful effects of mold on health like we can because no other company possesses our protocols or technology.

Mold Remediation

What is mold remediation?

Most clients just want the job done and don't care to understand the answer to the question "What is mold remediation?". However, some of our clients in greater Orlando want to understand, and the answer is not simple.

There are three distinct ways to describe "mold remediation," each with varying expectations concerning the services provided and associated costs.

1. Broadest interpretation: According to the Oxford Dictionary, remediation refers to the process of fixing something, particularly by reversing or halting environmental damage. This encompasses everything mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal, mold disinfection and even suggests the "fixing" that plumbers, roofers, or other non-remediation professionals do, is all a part of the remediation process.

2. Intermediate interpretation: "Mold remediation" typically refers to the comprehensive process of addressing both the visual and health impacts of mold. This includes all services we offer, such as inspection, moisture detection, demolition, removal of affected materials and furnishings, air scrubbing, and minor reconstruction. While the terms "mold removal," "mold restoration," and "mold abatement" are often used interchangeably with "mold remediation," they are not precise synonyms and are instead elements of the remediation process.

3. Narrowest and most prevalent interpretation: This refers to all mold-related remediation tasks performed after moisture issues are fixed and after inspection and testing, but before reconstruction.

It's crucial, in nearly every mold job that a plumber, roofer, or HVAC company is contacted first to address the moisture problems contributing to mold growth. After we complete our work, customers usually hire a remodeling or construction firm to rebuild any home building materials that had to be removed.

We frequently recommend that clients use an independent mold inspection service, but it is also not beneficial unless the client needs the data in addition to the solution.

To assess your current situation, and to assess whether we did a good job, we always utilize a third-party lab to analyze any air or mold samples we collect.


IN SUMMARY: mold remediation is seldom the responsibility of a single business or expert. The third definition is the most accurate, as it sets realistic expectations for the services provided by a remediation company. While we offer testing, inspection, and small reconstruction services, many Florida remediation firms don't provide inspections and testing or include any reconstruction.

What is the best way to kill and denature mold?

flooring and 3 ft of wall gone after demolition due to a flood in a home in Winter Park, Florida

Choosing the right mold remediation company is essential to avoid the health effects of mold and its mycotoxins. Here are three major factors to consider when reviewing a service provider: 1) The service providers' ability to treat large volumes of air and surfaces. 2) Whether the disinfectants your provider uses, kills the types of molds found in your home and meet the required dwell-times for each type of mold. 3) Third, does their chosen remediation method effectively denature the mold itself as well its toxins, so they are no longer able to cause harm.

UV Light

Ultraviolet light can be a powerful tool to combat germs, however, it is limited in its ability to reach all the nooks and crannies of contaminated surfaces. Ultimately, this makes UV disinfection an impractical method for most cases. Its ability to penetrate is extremely limited and is clearly ineffective in customer work, that it doesn’t warrant the time to go over its pros or cons.


Ozone molecules are extremely small – measuring only .0001272 micrometers. This makes ozone incredibly effective at destroying mold everywhere.  Ozone machines also come with an affordable price tag that a DIY’er would love. On the surface ozone looks like the best imaginable choice. Only problem...

“Available scientific evidence shows that at concentrations that do not exceed public health standards, ozone has little potential to remove indoor air contaminants.” -

Liquid Disinfectants

There are three basic methods for applying a liquid disinfectant.

Spray or Mist

In Orlando, Florida, utilizing spray or mist for mold remediation may not be the most effective approach. Larger droplets from these methods struggle to reach difficult areas in your home, making them less efficient. Moreover, liquid solutions, such as those containing bleach, typically consist mainly of water, potentially exacerbating mold issues. Instead, consider using alternative methods like wiping surfaces with disinfectant wipes or soaps, which offer a longer dwell time on contact for improved results against spores in challenging spots throughout your home.

Wet Fog

While fogging machines can effectively cover lateral surfaces and exposed objects with tiny droplets, the droplet size still limits the disinfectants efficacy compared to the dry fog alternative we provide to residents and businesses in Orlando, Florida. It is also known for being too wet and sometimes leaving a residue after it dries.

Dry Fog

Pure Maintenance's dry fog application offers a superior solution for mold remediation. This method eradicates mold from every nook and cranny of an indoor space without dampening surfaces. Its much smaller droplet size allows it to penetrate wherever mold may be found. It ensures prolonged dwell-time on both visible and hidden areas and neutralizes airborne mycotoxins. Although ozone may yield even better outcomes, the dry fog process eliminates the toxicity associated with ozone. As a result, dry fog is undoubtedly the best disinfection option for mold remediation in the market.

Speed Up Your Mold Remediation Project

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If you answered “yes” to both questions; you qualify for a free inspection, whch can save up to $600 and 3 days of time.

Why Pure Maintenance is Your Best Choice

Mold Inspection & Testing Process

From start to finish it can take just five days to complete everything... from your first call to your last air quality mold test.

Actual Time at Your Home or Business is Roughly a Total of 8 hours

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(30-minute inspection)
(1-visit to dry fog twice)
(20-minute review by phone)
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