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To determine mold concentrations in the air, Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation uses a third-party lab to test the air samples that we collect.

In cases where black mold is clearly growing, a test is not necessary except for information purposes. A test will establish a benchmark by telling you the mold spore count per cubic feet of air, which is later compared to the results of the same air test we conduct after treatment.  For mold testing, you can also determine exactly what type of mold is growing. This can be helpful if you are suffering from specific health symptoms,. As different molds may cause different types of health issues.

Dry Fog Mold Removal Test Strips Before and After: Orlando, Florida

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Kill Mold Fast
Takes one-tenth of the time 

The inconvenience of not being able to use a portion of your home or business for days is not worth the extra time or cost.  Our Dry Fog gets rid of the effects of mold for an entire home in hours not the typical 5 days it takes with other approaches to kill and remove mold in just one area within your home.


Get Rid of Mold Safely
Green Disinfectant + No spreading of Spores 

Our two-part dry fog system is FDA approved to treat food-prep surfaces.  It also happens to be natural and causes no harm to the environment.  So feel free to leave out silverware and all of your other items to be treated by our safe and green disinfectant.  What's more is it will flow to every nook and cranny of your home where air flows, causing no agitation to mold growth as extra unecessary demolition is bound to do.


More Effective Mold Removal
Treats 1000 Times the Surface Area +  Provides Ongoing Anti-microbial Protection

It would be more accurate to say we treat 10,000 times the surface area that traditional mold remediation treats.  Even this is an underestimate, as we always perform a whole home cleanse, achieving effective kill in your insulation, carpet, upholstery, bathrooms, bedrooms, crawl spaces and even inside your walls where air flows.  Your indoor air quality will be higher than it ever has been. Not only will we kill mold, but we will eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from your air and all surfaces in your home or business.  Our second step to our process layers the entire inside of your home with a safe antimicrobial layer that is EPA verified to provide ongoing kill for the 90 days after the service.  That would be like a window washer putting something on your windows that is guaranteed to repel dirt for 90 days.


Get the Lowest Cost Mold Remediation Available
You get a cost savings because we eliminate additional labor and reconstruction costs

Our dry-fog mold remediation system can't really be compared to other methods, primarily because we treat so much more surface area. If "surface area treated" is a key metric for determining whether mold abatement is effective, then Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation  is by far the lowest cost solution on the market.  The value can not be compared.


100% satisfaction guarantee; dry fog mold remedation; orlando, fl


Results Guaranteed
20,000 customers nationwide can't be wrong

We guaranteed your air quality will be restored, and that any mold induced symptoms you experience, will go away.

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