Allergy Relief with Home Probiotics

According to the EPA: Your Home's Air is On Average 5X more polluted than outdoor air. Sleep better and get relief from pollen, dander, dust, mildew mold and more.

About Home Probiotics

Instead of going elsewhere to find wellness, why not make your home your #1 place for getting and staying well?

Our Home Probiotics machine is one step you can take toward making your home your wellness center, by promoting indoor health in a way that air purifiers can't. For a low monthly cost, our whole building system continuously and automatically maintains air quality and helps eliminate common allergens from surfaces and air 365 days a year,

Walk freely within your home, and wherever you go benefit from a completely organic and natural way to combat common viruses, molds, pollen, dust, dander, dust mite matter and unwanted bacteria. Every minute of every day

For larger buildings or homes, total coverage is as easy as adding another machine for each 5,000 sq ft of floor space.

For those who live in an apartment, or need a solution when at the office, car or elsewhere? Read about our portable MIST product line.

Proven Surface & Air Purification

Have You Ever Gone Outisde to Get Fresh Air?

Well, Now You Can Have It indoors Too!


We believe in using Eco-friendly technology to improve the health of families and workers through our non-toxic elimination and prevention of mold, germs, bacteria and viruses.

Familly + Pet Safe

Familly + Pet Safe Everything we do has the safety of our customers in mind. We take every precaution and we will work to make your home or business a healthy environment for you and your family.

10+ Yrs Experience

Pure Maintenance has been offering remediation, disinfection and probiotic solutions for over 10 years. Thousands of homes have been successfully treated with excellent results.

Eliminate Organic Air Contaminants

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NG-5000 Home Probiotics - Continuous Fresh Air for 5000 Sq Ft

The HomeProbiotics NG-5000 easily integrates into your existing HVAC system. The unit releases a patented probiotic formula intermitently that results in a combined two hours per day, creating a protective shield on surfaces and in the air.

The probiotic is released via a cold fogging device that attaches inside an HVAC system trunk line. The odorless formula is imperceptibly fogged into the air and pushed by your HVAC air handler throughout the indoor environment. Eventually the healthy probiotic settles on all your surfaces and becomes a 24/7/365 cleaning crew.

To maintain the highest efficacy, a fresh new, continous flow of probiotic is required.

Your HVAC system can now keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and promotes an overall healthier indoor environment for all occupants and pets.
NG-5000 HVAC home probiotics machine - continuous fresh air for 5000 Sq Ft
eight Mist brand and Home Probiotics laid out on a table - Purpose is to Help contain mold and manager allergies in buildings

Give Our MIST Line of Environmental Probiotics a Test Drive

Try MIST, our line of portable environmental probiotics designed for smaller spaces, and specific needs.

Our battery-powered mini MIST for cars can provide allergy relief when you're on the go.

A plug-in micro MIST for your office allows you to treat a 100 to 200 sq ft environment while at work.

If you only need allergy relief while you sleep... we have customers that swear by our pump spray. They get a better night's sleep by simply pump spraying probiotic in the air above their bed and pillow each night.

Our products have been designed to give results on an as-needed or continuous automatic basis for spaces as small as a pillow to as large as a 300,000 square foot hospital.

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